December 2015 News and Updates

News & Updates

December, 2015
Theme of the Month: New Innovations in HIV/AIDS Research and Control

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Training Opportunities

from the Region 2 Public Health Training Center

January Log-in2Learn
Robert Fullilove, EdD presents
“School to Prison” to “School Again:” Preparing a New Workforce to Address Health Disparities

Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 12-1pm ET

You should attend if…

  • you are interested in prison health
  • you believe education is an important social determinant of health
  • you would like to know how evaluation studies could disrupt the school-to-prison “pipeline”

dec 2015

Training Opportunities

related to the theme of the month

NACCHO developed the below educational series to (1) increase awareness and knowledge of the role of PrEP for HIV prevention, and (2) explore the potential roles for local health departments in delivering PrEP or supporting PrEP delivery as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention program.

  • Module 1: The Science of PrEP and the US Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines for PrEP
  • Module 2: Who Might Benefit from PrEP? Assessing Benefit at a Population and Individual Level
  • Module 3: Thinking About Incorporating PrEP into Your HIV Prevention Programs? Examples and Models from Local Health Departments

HIV Medication Adherence Project (Modules 1-4)
To address a practice gap in HIV drug adherence, the CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention – Capacity Building Branch (CBB) developed a series of four e-learning training modules based on effective strategies to improve and sustain optimal adherence. These training modules will provide HIV care providers with proven strategies to promote comprehensive adherence to HIV care among persons living with HIV (PLWH). These e-learning training modules are designed to provide HIV care providers with the tools and resources needed to improve adherence and ultimately help patients living with HIV achieve an undetectable viral load.

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Congratulations to Colleen McKay-Wharton!

Our very own Colleen McKay-Wharton was awarded the 2015 Health Educator of the Year from the New Jersey Society of Public Health Education.

This award recognizes a dedicated member of NJSOPHE who has shown excellence in the practice of health education.  Colleen’s recognized achievements include providing outstanding continuing education programs, offering training and guidance to local health departments pursuing public heath accreditation, and working with four NJ community colleges to develop the first ever Associate Degrees in public health in NJ.  Colleen is a Health Educator at the Rutgers School of Public Health, and serves as the program manager of the Region 2 Public Health Training Center local performance site at the School, and the coordinator of the Gaining Ground Coalition in New Jersey.