An Overview of E-cigarette Use, Product Perceptions, Communication and Policy Issues
Person Smoking E-cigarette

Course Objective

  • Recognize different types of e-cigarettes and specific health concerns associated with them
  • Identify proposed FDA regulations for e-cigarettes

Date: March 16, 2016

Olivia A. Wackowski, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Health Behavior, Society & Policy
Center for Tobacco Studies Rutgers School of Public Health

This seminar will provide attendees with a broad overview on what we know about e-cigarettes, including their different types, their safety, trends in product use, perceptions about these products (including reasons for use and discontinuation), e-cigarette information sources, health warnings, and an overview of policy issues, including proposed FDA regulation for e-cigarettes. The presenter will share findings from various government reports and research studies, including her own work in this area. Throughout the talk, challenges with respect to e-cigarette research and regulation will be discussed

Region 2 Public Health Training Center