The New York State Department of Health Climate and Health Profile
Illustration of People Outside

Course Objective

  • Describe how climate is changing New York State
  • Discuss the potential health impacts associated with climate change
  • Identify steps in the process of assessing vulnerability and understand who the vulnerable populations are in New York State

Date: March 30, 2016

Asante Shipp Hilts, MPH
Coordinator, Office of Public Health Practice
New York State Department of Health

This webinar outlines the New York Climate and Health Profile Report, compiled as part of the BRACE (Building Resistance Against Climate Effects) initiative. It describes the climate trends being observed in New York State and their potential consequences, such as extreme heat and cold, severe weather, air pollution, and vector-, water-, and food-borne disease, which are likely to negatively impact the health of the most vulnerable populations in New York. These vulnerable populations include the elderly, those with cardiovascular disease, pregnant women, and those living in flood plains, all of whom have increased risk due to population, social, and environmental factors that put them at great risk in the face of climate change. The webinar concludes by presenting recommendations for public health adaptations and outlining next steps in addressing climate change in New York State.

Region 2 Public Health Training Center