The Physical and Mental Health Problems of the Prison Population
Light Shining in Dark Prison Cell

Course Objective

  • Identify national data on the incidence and prevalence of chronic disease among the incarcerated population
  • Recognize the limited resources available to support inmate reentry into the community

Date: April 7, 2016

Arthur M. Brewer, MD, CCHP
Statewide Medical Director
Rutgers University – University Correctional Health Care

This seminar reviews the health status of the incarcerated persons, including local jails and prison inmates. Dr. Brewer will discuss mortality rates, chronic disease prevalence, mental health prevalence and substance abuse/dependency data from a national perspective. He will discuss some challenging issues around substance abuse treatment and perceptions about mental health within prisons and local jails. Dr. Brewer will also discuss limited resources particularly as it relates to treatment of hepatitis C virus infection. It concludes with a review of challenges and efforts with inmate reentry into the community.

Region 2 Public Health Training Center