Lead in Drinking Water: Preventing Exposure to Children in the Post-Flint Era
Faucet with Brown Water

Course Objective

  • Recognize past crises where lead has impacted the safety of drinking water in the United States
  • Identify exposure-prevention measures that can be applied in institutions such as schools, childcare centers and summer camps

Date: November 2, 2017

Howard N. Apsan, Ph.D.
University Director
Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management, City University of New York

This webinar will provide background on the Flint, Michigan water crisis and other cases of impacted drinking water. It will also review the preventive efforts in place in New York and explore the initiatives being implemented to ensure that preschool and K-12 students are protected. Finally, it will provide guidance on how institutions serving children—public schools, child care centers, camps, after school programs and others—can prevent exposure of these vulnerable populations to elevated lead levels.

Region 2 Public Health Training Center