Addressing Unconscious Bias in our Language
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Course Objective

  • Evaluate your thoughts or behaviors for unconscious bias
  • Explain ways that language use can intentionally or unintentionally contribute to health disparities
  • Describe ways that your organization can work to examine, expand, and alter language regarding patients and clients to provide more equitable care and services

Date: April 3, 2018

Anne Marie Liebel, EdD
Founder and President
Health Communication Partners LLC

As health professionals, it is critical that we reflect and address unconscious bias in our language, especially when working with patient populations. Dr. Anne Marie Liebel discusses how uttering subtle microaggressions can have a cumulative negative effect on health and wellness. Dr. Liebel presents research on the linkages between microaggressions and health disparities. In particular, microaggressions from healthcare providers can negatively impact patient health related behaviors and utilization of health services. Thus, as we recognize our own microaggressions, Dr. Liebel provides individual and organizational strategies to examine, expand, and alter language to provide more equitable care and services.

Region 2 Public Health Training Center