Data-Based Decision-Making Using Data to Intervene for Maternal and Child Health – Part One in a Series
Woman Staring at 3D Pie Graph on White Board

Course Objective

  • Identify and locate sources of Maternal and Child Health data in New York State, at state, county, and sub-county levels.
  • Use descriptive epidemiology (person, place, and time) in needs assessment and program targeting.
  • Use data to identify high-risk populations in population for program targeting

Date: April 10, 2018

Michael Medvesky
Public Health Information Group, New York State Department of Health

The purpose of this training is to inform public health professionals how to use data to shape needs assessments, develop public health programs, and provide a framework for program evaluation. In Part One of this series, learners will take advantage of readily available data sources to begin planning and implementing a successful health program related to issues in maternal and child health using Columbia County, NY as a case study.

Region 2 Public Health Training Center