Mental Health in Rural New York: Findings and Implications of a Listening Tour with Residents and Professionals

Course Objective

  • Describe how rural communities are disproportionately affected by suicide 
  • Identify at least two factors that are unique to rural areas that increases risk for suicide 
  • Provide at least three recommendations for preventing suicide in rural communities 

Date: December 5, 2023


Brett Harris, DrPH
Senior Research Scientist, NORC, University of Chicago
Clinical Associate Professor , University at Albany School of Public Health
President, New York State Public Health Association

Katie Gallant, MSW
Senior Research Associate, NORC, University of Chicago

Brett Harris and Katie Gallant presented their findings from a listening tour that explores how rural areas in New York State are disporportionately impacted by suicide. The presenters began by sharing background suicide data and factors that increase risk. They then explained the development of their listening tour research. They explained the themes that emerged from the thematic qualitative analysis of the interviews. The conclude with recommendations for solutions that stemmed from the listening tour.   

Region 2 Public Health Training Center