Expansive Connections: Integrating Cultural Humility in Public Health Practice

Course Objective

  1. Define cultural humility, resonance, and related concepts, and describe the impact of cultural humility in public health settings. 
  2. Understand cultural humility as a process, with a commitment to lifelong learning and addressing power imbalances. 
  3. Identify attributes of cultural humility, including openness, self-awareness, humbleness, supportive interactions, and self-reflection.  
  4. Develop skills to recognize and manage personal biases. 
  5. Practice communication strategies to foster expansive connections among diverse stakeholders, including resonant language skills, transforming judgments and blame, and setting boundaries. 
  6. Gain practical skills for recharging and recovering, to enhance well-being and sustain cultural humility within public health practitioners. 

Date: June 30, 2024

Carina Schmid, MPH

Lecturer, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
Trauma-informed coach and resonant healing practitioner

This course delves into integrating cultural humility into public health practice, defining key concepts like cultural humility and resonance, and examining their impact. Participants will learn to view cultural humility as a lifelong process, emphasizing continuous learning and addressing power imbalances. The course will cover essential attributes such as openness, self-awareness, and supportive interactions, and develop skills for recognizing and managing personal biases. Additionally, it will offer strategies for effective communication with diverse stakeholders and provide techniques for maintaining well-being and sustaining cultural humility in professional practice.



Region 2 Public Health Training Center