Category: Change Management

Strategic Skill Area

Change Management and You: How Change Impacts Public Health Professionals
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Course Objective

  • Name key competencies for managing change within public health
  • Identify and analyze situations where change affected initiatives in public health
  • Explain critical roles of the public health professional that serves as a “change agent”

Date: September 4, 2018

Emil J Sadloch, MA
Sadloch Development Associates

The Region 2 Public Health Training Center presents its monthly Log-in2Learn series. Starting September 2018, the series began its new focus on the de Beaumont Foundation Strategic Skill Areas, eight skills and knowledge areas needed to address complex public health problems. In this webinar, participants will learn from Mr. Emil J Sadloch about introductory concepts of change management, such as the definition of change management, types of change an organization might experience, and the cycle of change. Mr. Sadloch continues his presentation by give examples of how change agents can anticipate the effects of change with explanations of people’s personal change styles, signs of resistance, essential components of change management, and tools and key questions supervisors can use to manage change.

Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning
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Course Objective

  • Describe the reasons learners and content experts (faculty) still resist online learning
  • Describe the important proactive steps an organization can take to combat resistance before the start of an online learning course (or program)
  • List practical and impractical solutions to combat resistance

Date: October 6, 2015

John Vivolo
Director of Online and Virtual Learning
NYU-ePoly/Enterprise Learning

Many faculty and students blame a lack of relationship and interaction between students and faculty, low content quality, and absence of student-to-student engagement (among other factors) as the main reasons why they are resistant to engaging in online learning courses. This Webinar aims to understand why faculty and students have these beliefs and how to address them in order to improve attitudes around online learning and increase enrollment.

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