From Evidence to Practice: A Systematic Approach to Address Disparities in Birth Outcomes

Organization that developed training: New York New Jersey Public Health Training Center

Description: “From Evidence to Practice” is a self-paced, web-based course that teaches the evidence-based public health decision-making process by plunging you into a realistic situation. In the course, you are asked to understand and employ the evidence-based framework to research and develop an intervention strategy that addresses disparities in birth outcomes in a local community. By making a series of choices, you find data to accurately describe the problem, evaluate interventions based on evidence and applicability to the community, and defend your choices. The course outcome — securing funding for interventions chosen — depends on sound evidence-based decision-making. As you work through the assigned tasks in the course, feedback alerts you to how well you have understood the material presented. Upon finishing the course, you may print out a certificate of completion.

Year Launched: 2006

Recommended for: Public Health Foundation-defined Tier 1 Public Health Professionals

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