Introduction to Mixed Methods

The following course is designed to provide the learner with an introduction to the benefits of mixed methods, different mixed methods research designs, and methods of analyzing and integrating mixed methods data.

Learning Objectives
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Explain how mixed methods research design can take advantage of the strengths of both approaches.
  • Identify the five main types of mixed methods design and the goals of each type.
  • Match the appropriate type of mixed methods design with the aims of the research question.
  • Recognize the implications of mixed methods design on other aspects of the research design, including the sampling, measurement, and analysis.
  • Describe the main ways in which qualitative and quantitative data may be appropriately integrated during analysis.

Originally launched August 2013. Training reviewed August 2017 and revised December 2017.

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