Practicing Cross-Cultural Communication: Hepatitis A Outbreak

“Communicate to Make a Difference: Practicing Cross-Cultural Communication” is a collection of case studies that examine the practical application of the “Ten Strategies for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication,” as described in the “Exploring Cross-Cultural Communication” training. Developing an effective public health intervention in a time of crisis is challenging. This story of a Hepatitis A outbreak in a Mexican-American community demonstrates how effective cross-cultural communication can lead to good solutions.

This course was launched in November 2005. It was reviewed in August, 2015 to assess its relevance to the current public health workforce and evaluate its continued listing on the Region 2 PHTC website. The review process was based on a subset of recognized standards. In order to keep the course up-to-date, the reviewer additionally identified further resources to help learners achieve the objectives of the course.

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Suggested Resources for Further Learning:

  • Community Tool Box, Cultural Competence and Community Building, Chapter 27 “Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World”, Section 2 Building Relationships with People from Different Cultures here
  • CDC Tools for Cross-Cultural Communication and Language Access Can Help Organizations Address Health Literacy and Improve Communication Effectiveness here
  • US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, Think Cultural Health here