Resilience From Our Roots

Organization that developed training: Albany School of Public Health

Description: This archived webcast is one of four courses in the American Indian Series within the Advancing Cultural Competence Certificate Program.

Beverly Cook (Mohawk Nation), St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Council Chief and family nurse practitioner, discusses the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) scale and the impact of high ACES scores on adult health and wellbeing, advocating for a trauma-informed approach to care that involves administering ACE and resilience scales in clinics. She also describes important, culturally-based healing programs that are being implemented on the Akwesasne Reserve, including rites of passage and Centering Pregnancy.

Year Launched: 2015

Recommended for: Public Health Foundation-defined Tier 1 Public Health Professionals

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Developing Evidence-Based Programs (WISH, Module 4)

Organization that developed training: North Caroline Institute for Public Health

Description: This training provides an overview of evidence-based practices and policies in the context of women’s health and how they drive program improvements and lead to better health outcomes. It is the fourth training in a six-part series, called the Women’s Integrated Systems for Health (WISH) Online Training Series, designed for those public health and/or mental health professionals who oversee health programs and services for adolescent girls and women of reproductive age. The series focuses on key components of an integrated approach to promoting the health of women during late adolescence and throughout the child-bearing years. This training series arose from the need for practice-based tools that advance multi-disciplinary partnership, community engagement and using evidence-based approaches grounded in proven theoretical models.


  • Define evidence-based practices and policies and potential impact on public health programs
  • Define levels of evidence
  • Describe two sources of evidence-based programs
  • Describe the role of policy in improving integration of care
  • Identify mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating programs and policies

Year Launched: 2012

Recommended for: Public Health Foundation-defined Tier 2 Public Health Professionals

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